Public support for the Center's fundraising activities in the midst of a COVID-19 pandemic has been exceptional. We've raised thousands of dollars and collected much-needed supplies to sustain families, donating to Artemis House and Trauma and Hope. 

Thank you to those who have so generously provided resources.

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Message from the Board


I hope you find it informative and worthwhile.  I am very proud to be part of a team of such talented, professional and dedicated women working to advocate for and help victims of human trafficking and domestic violence in our community.  We hope you check our website for upcoming events, view photos of our accomplishments and activities, and lend us your support. 


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Jaleh Moslehi


Jaleh Moslehi, P.E.


In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, we seek refuge in the safety of our homes.  But not every woman, man, or child is safe.  Being on lock down, having fewer choices, such as when you can leave the house, unemployment, and financial hardship compounded with the anxiety of the pandemic, increase the risk of domestic and partner violence. Research shows that intensified parental stress is often a significant predictor of physical abuse and neglect of children, making the youngest among us especially vulnerable to abuse. Extended family, childcare, schools, religious groups, and other community organizations traditionally providing resources which at-risk families rely on are experiencing difficulties keeping up with needs and/or services may no longer be available. 


Our message is three-fold:


  • Give whenever and wherever you can.

  • ​If you know of a loved one, friend, or neighbor who is living in a violent household, please check-in with them as often as possible, of course following social distancing guidelines.

  • Our website contains a wealth of local and national resources – from Shelter House located in Northern Virginia to national initiatives such as the National Domestic Violence Hotline; feel free to integrate what you need. 


The presence of COVID-19 has brought to light the challenges faced by millions of men, women, and children. Take this opportunity to protect those less fortunate. Protect yourself and stay safe. Indeed, this too shall pass, and when it does, may we all be stronger, better informed, and healthy.

Jaleh Moslehi


Jaleh Moslehi, P.E. 


Learn about our Projects

The Center supports the development of projects that improve women's lives, not only locally but beyond our shores. Ambitious yes, but not out of the realm of possibilities. At a time when the mass media here and in other parts of the world desires women to focus on individual improvements to feel empowered, our goals are to  work collectively to improve women's conditions beyond the physical and individual imprint, with a specific focus on the prevention of domestic violence and human trafficking. 

Fundraising Spotlights


Domestic Violence & Human Trafficking

The Center for Improving Women’s Lives supports sheltering and assisting Fairfax County survivors of domestic violence and human trafficking through our collaboration with the Shelter House and Trauma and Hope. 

This is particularly relevant in a year where domestic violence in our region is on the rise and human trafficking continues to be an issue. There has also been a shortage of space at the shelters, and victims are housed at overflow facilities and nearby hotels. ​​

Learn what's needed to support these programs.


 Drop-off off your items at various Fairfax County locations every other Friday - details forthcoming.  Special pickups at other locations can be arranged.


Receipts for tax purposes to be emailed upon request. 

COVID-19 safety measures will be observed at all times. 


In the News

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Uber is offering 50,000 free rides, free food to shelters for domestic abuse victims 

Uber is offering free rides and food to thousands of women facing violence at home during the shelter-in-place era. The ride-hailing giant announced plans Thursday to donate 50,000 free rides to domestic violence organizations in more than 30 cities across 16 countries.


A New Covid-19 Crisis: Domestic Abuse Rises Worldwide

Movement restrictions aimed to stop the spread of the coronavirus may be making violence in homes more frequent, more severe and more dangerous.

Information on COVID-19 for Survivors, Communities, and DV/SA Programs

People who are surviving violence in their relationships and families may be experiencing increased isolation and danger caused by social distancing measures during the Coronavirus pandemic. Survivors often have specific needs around safety, health and confidentiality. We also realize that people who are already more vulnerable to economic and health insecurity are facing additional challenges during this unprecedented time. We have compiled resources and tools for more vulnerable members of our communities and care providers, who are working tirelessly to respond in ways that are safe and supportive for all.


The Effect of COVID-19 on Human Trafficking

Many of you have asked what effect COVID-19 and the response is having on the trafficking landscape. The reality is we don’t – and can’t – know for certain, but we are deeply concerned. Specifically, we are worried that the economic effects of this virus will increase some of the vulnerabilities that make people susceptible to sex and labor trafficking in the first place – economic need, unstable living conditions, and substance use issues among others. 

COVID-19 Resources, Services, and Support

The Office on Trafficking in Persons (OTIP) is focused on preventing human trafficking and working to ensure that children and adults who have experienced trafficking and their families get the support and care they need to live safe and healthy lives. This focus remains the same during responses to public health emergencies such as COVID-19. As in times of disaster response, we recognize that disruptions to local services, housing and economic stability, and social disconnection can further increase risk for victimization and exploitation.

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National Human Trafficking Hotline: 1.888.373.7888 or BeFree Textline: 233733


MAKE THE CALL  24-Hour Domestic & Sexual Violence Hotline: 703.360.7273

National Domestic Violence Hotline: 1.800.799.7233

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